ACRYLIC PAINT Different grades of acrylic paint can have varying levels of quality and can affect the finished piece. The more expensive artist quality acrylic paints tend to hold its integrity while drying, last much longer and are more vibrant due to the pigments used. Using artist grade quality acrylic paint also reduces the risk of running into issues with the cheaper quality paints which often cause cracking, buckling and peeling. However if you’re just starting out, student acrylic paint is a great place to start as a cheaper alternative. Some brands of student acrylic paint are actually quite good quality despite the cheaper price tag. A pouring medium is an additive used to create a thinner, flowing consistency in acrylic paint. Pouring medium is an essential ingredient in creating fluid artwork. It helps to increase the paint flow and reduce the viscosity of heavier paints, while maintaining color, texture and opacity in your finished artwork. Why do I need to use pouring medium for acrylic flow painting? It reduces the viscosity of heavier paints without diluting the colour. Improves the flow of acrylic paint and allows it to easily spread across the canvas. Maintains the colour, texture and opacity of the paint colours unlike water which dilutes and breaks down the pigments. How to choose the best pouring medium for your acrylic flow painting...... What is pouring medium? There are so many different kinds of flow mediums to choose from! As long as you have the right consistency, it doesn’t necessarily matter which type or brand of pouring medium you decide to use. It’s really up to you!