-Resin...what is it?-

Depending on the chemical composition and the use, there are various resins, such as polyester resin, polyurethane resin or epoxy resin, to name a few. For my art I only use an artist's epoxy resin SKresin 3221 from Su.K Hock GmbH (advertising), clear as it is non-toxic, low-odor and largely UV-stable, i.e. less yellowing. It consists of two components - the resin and the hardener, which are mixed together in a certain ratio. When the two components meet, time runs out. Depending on the manufacturer, brand or external conditions such as room temperature and humidity, there is a working time between 20 - 50 minutes to design my finish. Then you should let the resin harden, otherwise it will lose the ability to level itself. The resin also hardens over the next 24-48 hours and finally impresses with a hard and high-gloss, almost glass-like surface.